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Custom Legacy Mandalorian

This costume is based on the Mandalorians from the Star Wars Legacy Comics.

One of the main differences in this genre of mandalorian costume is that the chest armor has much more coverage than the traditional Fett style Armor.

One of the nice things with this style armor is that the chest piece can be made to be one solid part, this makes it easier to hide a girls figure, or at least make it more unisex and comfortable to wear.  I took the inspiration from the one female in the comic below:

Reference and Planning

So while I like the armor represented in the comic, I just couldnt handle the colour, and as for that helmet... ick!  so I decided rather than a gold metal armor finish I would go with a polished metal look kinda like Jango Fett, and revert to the standard legacy helmet as used by the males in the Legacy comic. The only difference would be that I would contrast the metal with a vivid purple.

 ===The Helmet

I started as I always do, with the helmet:  My rationale is that if i change my mind, a helmet is always easier to move, sell to another collector than any other part of a costume, or at the very least, I end up with a display piece. Which I have plenty.  This helmet is made by another Star Wars mandalorian enthusiast: known as "Falin", again on the Mandalorian Merc forums  He makes everything except the visor.

I redid my Legacy helmet, Polished metal and purple (though it looks blue in this photo) Black & gold was just too boring.  

The visor is actually just clear plastic I got from an art shop, its flexible and about 1mm in thinkness, then I use Auto Window tint which I found on eBay.  The original comic used red visors, not reflective, but as this is a custom I have a bit of creative license.

The Armor

Traditionally I have made most of my armor from scratch, but this time I thought that it would be a lot easier to order one from a fan based maker on the Mandalorian Mercs trading section, well at least most of the parts.  The problem really comes from the size of the pieces needed, in Legacy they are very large and almost Stormtrooper sized. In fact the way the top half comes together is very much like a ANH Stormtrooper costume, at least thats how I did it.

im confused with these parts. im pretty sure one goes on top of the other, but which way ?? Legacy Mandalorian Backplate - Pewter finish, just needs more polishing, going for a quasi Jango look

As you can see, shaping this much plastic by hand may be problematic, at least it would be very time consuming and these days I am time poor.

Assembly of the Chest:  This is actually two parts, the collar section and the chest section. They need to butt up against each other. You can do this two ways, either use a flak vest to attach the plates accordingly, or in my case, I decided to treat it a little bit more like a TK chest plate and attack the two parts using some flexible lugs I made from ABS cut off peices, see below: 

Ok, so I think I have figured out the chest and collar plates. I put an edge using the heat gun, after narrowing the collar plate to butt up against the chest. The four lugs are necessary so the plates stay aligned but are still flexible.

Custom Legacy Mando - Fitting the top half, need to make a few more adjustments I have to say that the way the collar and back plates mount is "entertaining"  with its 3 parts. Good thing I dont have a big head.